Julie Gardner

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I am a wife, a mother, a Realtor, a community volunteer, a philanthropist, a comic at heart, a weekend athlete, a flea market junkie, a serial renovator, and a prolific chocolate chip cookie baker. I enjoy a good book, a fabulous find, an undiscovered treasure, and a long walk in the hills — often with my dog in tow.

I live in Oakland with my family and enjoy working with both motivated buyers and sellers equally. Having bought and renovated several homes of my own over the years, I believe wholeheartedly in the process and the dream of home ownership. To that end, I work diligently on my clients’ behalf and am delighted to help them navigate this exciting journey — whether in short order, or much further down the road.

In my spare time, I write a very popular weekly Blog called The Piedmont Perspective, which tracks lifestyle, community happenings and real estate news in and around Piedmont and the East Bay. With more than 1350 readers, it engenders an extremely loyal following and has been dubbed:The Pulse of Piedmont.

Having spent the early years of my adult life in San Francisco where I met and married the love of my life, and the second half in the East Bay raising our two sons, I am intimately familiar with both sides of the Bay and understand life's changing needs with relation to home ownership, education and quality of life. We have experienced all of it living in both Piedmont and Oakland. The East Bay is a wonderful, vibrant, and eclectic community and I am proud to be a part of it.  

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